Are you getting enough sleep?

Sleep always seem to be the biggest issue for new parents. And realistically you are not going to get 8 hours sleep night after night for a long time (if you are so lucky, please don’t tell an exhausted mother!). However it is important to remember that only 70% of babies sleep through by their first birthday. So it is normal they wake at night. I used to feel like a lousy mother when Daniel would not sleep through. I thought I was doing something wrong. Along came Thomas and the same thing happened. By this stage I was more resigned to the fact that I could not master this particular part of mothering. When Mia arrived I was prepared. She ended up in my bed almost every night and still sneaks in at the age of 6. I also knew by then that it was normal. So I was much more relaxed about it. I recommend ready ‘The No Cry Sleep Solution’ by Elizabeth Pantley. I found some great tips in this book.

So if you cannot get enough sleep, what do you do? it is so hard to sleep when the baby is sleeping especially during the day. You end up stressing that you only have little time sleep that it is easy not to do it at all. Well focus on getting enough rest instead. Put your baby down somewhere safe for a nap and give yourself permission to relax. Listen to the Rainbow Relaxation track. It takes around 25 min but that time spent in deep relaxation can be very rejuvenating. Or use the key words (Lavender – remember that?) and instantly bring yourself into deep relaxation.You have so many tools from HypnoBirthing you can use.

Last but not least, if you are completely exhausted – ask for help! Even knowing someone else can mind the baby while you relax for 30 min can make a big difference.

This time is only a short time in the big scheme of things. I have been there too with a fuzzy head and unable to string a sentence together. Now Mia is soon to be in grade one and I am not having any more babies. And I miss it all!


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