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Birth Stories


The birth of my son was 18 month ago now and I look back with very special memories of his birthing day. We are expecting our second baby now in a few weeks time.

This is our birth story.

I had heard of HypnoBirthing® through my brothers wives’. They described the training as a priceless resource that will change how I experience birth.

I knew that I could trust their accounts to be real and not something that ‘wouldn’t’ deliver’ or was just ‘too good to be true’.  So I planned on taking that path even before I became pregnant and I shared my HypnoBirthing® wishes with my midwife right from the beginning of my pregnancy hoping that it would be all I hoped it would.

My husband and I around 25 weeks started our classes with Stina and we found it to be comforting, empowering and it just made sense. We enjoyed the evenings out together and it made us closer and reassured me of husband’s love and care from me in what I was experiencing through pregnancy and would be experiencing during birth.

We learnt to see birthing in a positive light. This being my first baby I didn’t’ really know what to expect. From what I heard in the past birth was mostly portrayed by the media and friends as traumatic and something to fear. Mothers who I would meet during my pregnancy would also, with all kinds of good intentions frighten me with their birth stories. I found HypnoBirthing® helped me filter out untruths and fears that I had and replaced them with knowledge, hope and positive anticipation of what birthing could be for me.

Amongst other things we learnt about bonding and caring for my body during pregnancy, preparing for birth, the birth process itself and we learnt how to deeply relax and enjoy our birthing day. My husband was proud of how easily I picked it up and he started leading as my birth companion right from our first lesson.

He soon became confident in the task that he had ahead of him. For my birthing day he was a steady strong support. We practiced at home together and we formulated a birth plan. On our birthing day he was the best from start to finish and I really do believe that it was due to the HypnoBirthing® classes and preparation that we did together.

At 40 weeks we were all ready. We continued to practice our HypnoBirthing® together when we could. We did relaxation, visualisation and some exercises recommended. We chucked in a few spicy meals into my diet that Stina gave to us. I’ m not sure if the meals worked but they tasted amazing. We walked too, spent time together and waited.

Roughly 10 days later my waters released while I was relaxing at home, but I had not gone into labour yet. I went in to get checked out. I was seen and advised that they wished to induce me if my labour hadn’t started in 48 hours and so I was booked in for the Wednesday. I really didn’t wanted to be induced and so we implemented some of the things that we had learnt to get things started. My hubby took me walking up hills, we did relaxation, ate more spicy food and we went and saw an acupuncturist the night before I was due to be induced. I’m sure that the acupuncture did wonders.

On the morning of the induction I went into the very start of labour by myself.  I was thrilled. I went into hospital to be assessed and they advised us to go ahead with being induced for my safety and the safety of my baby. I was very happy to go ahead as advised. I was thankful however for the things we did previously in that 48 hour period. I really believe it helped to put me at ease and had contributed to starting my labour which is turn made birthing easier.

From what I had heard after the birth of my son, being induced can make things harder for a woman to birth. I however did not feel that this was the case for me as I was relaxed and at ease and didn’t experience that difficulty that I had been told about throughout labour and birth.

I was able to birth naturally with no assistance in eight and a half hours with only a little happy gas towards he end of first stage. I felt that through birth I coped really well emotionally and physically, my midwives also told me of how well I did considering that I was induced. I was able to recognise what my body was doing, trust my body and my baby, relax as I had practiced, and recall and put in place what I had learnt even when it was hardest.

When our boy was born he was healthy, calm and wide awake with no drugs in his system. I just remember is big wide blue eyes and his full attention on me his mother. I was fully awake, feeling well and the happiest girl in the world.

Even though being induced was not what we planned, we still got the birth that we wished for.  We look back at our sons’ birthing day with only fond memories. We wouldn’t change anything at all.


Kirsty and Justin

We had a beautiful baby girl we named Brianna on 26th October 2012. My husband and I agree, that in our opinion, if it wasn’t for HypnoBirthing classes I probably would have had to have a cesarean or at least an epidural.  I developed pre-eclampsia towards the end of my pregnancy.  At 36+5 I went for a routine check and was put into hospital to be induced the next morning.  I was a bit shocked but the pre-eclampsia had got worse and there was really no option.  The baby had to come. The obstetrician told me I could try for a natural delivery but baby and I would both have to be monitored throughout labour.  She also told me I’d probably have to have an epidural as the pain would cause my BP to spike to dangerous levels. And that a cesarean was a real possibility if my body didn’t cope with labour.

I spent a very nervous night in hospital after a stretch and sweep.  My waters were broken at 7.30 in the morning. By 10am I was in full labour.  I used the HypnoBirthing techniques that I’d learnt and practised a bit (hadn’t finished work and was going to do another 3 weeks practice once I finished). But it was still very helpful. I had heard being induced is very painful and I can report that it is! The HypnoBirthing techniques and a bit of gas and air helped me managed the surges, although I still had lots of pain. I also had to breath the baby down as she hadn’t dropped before I was induced. I had to stay on the bed as I was hooked up to monitors which was very annoying as I could only lie on my back or side, which I am sure contributed to me having pain as I couldn’t change position as my body wanted to. The best techniques that worked for us was my husband putting deep pressure on my hip and shoulder during every surge.

My husband and I both agreed that HypnoBirthing greatly helped even though we had a bit of intervention due to pre-eclampsia.  We did the hospital birthing classes as well.  My husband (who was a skeptic and didn’t even want to go to HypnoBirthing classes in the first place) tells everyone that HypnoBirthing was much better than the hospital classes and much more useful.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn about HypnoBirthing – we really feel it helped us to have a natural birth without epidural or cesarean and we’re very grateful for that.

Kirsty, Geelong

Tara and Steve

I went into labour at around midnight 2 days before my due date. I had a few niggles but nothing too bad. Steve was a big help. He was lighting candles and putting the music on and was there when I needed some help to relax when things got more intense. All that practise paid off because he was able to bring me into deep relaxation when I needed to.

I was doing really well at home, but around 7am I felt it was time to go into hospital. I think Steve was a bit relieved I finally agreed to go. The midwife was wonderful and she had seen a few Hypnobirths before, so we did not need to explain to much to her. A few hours later while I was in the shower I suddenly felt a change and I started to bear down. It did not take very long and suddenly our beautiful son was born. It was a truely amazing experience and I am so pround of myself and Steve.

Thank you Stina for all your help. The birth of Patrick was all we could have hoped for. Sorry for not getting our birth story to your earlier, but life have been very hectic with our new little man in the house.

Tara and Steve, Grovedale

Lianda and Aaron

I had just found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child and I was an emotional mess! My youngest child was only 9 months old at the time and after his birth I was so relieved I would never have to go through that again! I was out shopping and saw a business card on a community notice board about HypnoBirthing and wrote down the details. I had thought about and read about hypnosis and relaxation techniques etc with my last 2 children and really thought there was something to it! So I was definately curious to see what it was all about.

I was fortunate that my first 2 children were born natural and practically drug free (1st was completely drug free, 2nd I had gas in the last 2 pushes!) and they were beautiful healthy babies. But the FEAR of experiencing the pain of birth again scared the hell out of me. The reason I had drug free before was simply because the birthing classes at the hospital scared the hell out of me, about pain relief and the effects it can have on me and the baby. So as far as I was concerned I had no choice but to do it alone! The first 2 children resulted in 2nd degree tears and the stitching was horrible it was scary to go to the toilet after birth and it stung and I just hated it! I REALLY didn’t want to do it all again.

So, I gave Stina an email and organised for more information and signed up! It was fantastic! It all made so much sense and helped me to calm down and deal with the every day stressors I was experiencing in life during the pregnancy as well! The breathing techniques are very useful!

It was 10 days before my due date and I got up in the morning to go to the toilet (as you do when your heavily pregnant) and realised my waters had broken. I was so excited!
Just like my last baby there was no pain just a lot of dripping! so I casually put a pad on, called my mum to be on call to baby sit because she MIGHT have to baby sit later, sat down had wheat bix with my kids for breakfast had a shower, done all the normal morning routine things.

Put my 17month old in his pram and took him for a walk to the local shops. I had to top up on phone credit (going to need it if I have a baby today!) and a few snacks etc to send with my kids when they go to nanas later on. I was so calm and collected it was amazing! with the last 2 children I went into automatic PANIC mode. This time I knew I was ok, I knew walking helped in early labour, I knew how to breath through contrations (which started to happen in the middle of the veggie shop! but nobody knew!)

My mum called me when I was at the shop asking me how I am (it was a few hours after I had first called her) I told her I was perfectly fine and that I was just at the shop. SHE went into panic mode and some how magically appeared at the shop and was standing next to me at the register before I could blink! she was telling me off and freaking out and I just told her to shut up – I’m ok! She wouldn’t let me walk home, ( I would have happily gone for more of a stroll even though I was now having contractions)  but I gave in and walked to her house instead and she made me some lunch. Contractions (or sergers – the word really doesnt make much difference to me) were getting more intense and closer together but I was in no pain what so ever. My dad seemed to be more concerned then I was! when he told me that it was only 5 minutes since the last one I cracked up laughing and said “are you timing? why? I’m ok I’ve got plenty of time I’m not in any pain birth is a long way off I’m not the slightest bit concerned at all.” I just wanted to enjoy my lunch!

I was extremely relaxed and happy. I just had to stop every now and then in the middle of a conversation to breathe through a surge and I was ok again continue eating my lunch! It got to the point that I was uncomfortable sitting on the chair so I decided to sit on my knees and eat my lunch at the table that way. I was still very relaxed and feeling fine! My mum and dad however were the extreme oposite! my mum yelled at me to ring my husband I said “no I’m ok nothings going to happen yet!”  but they insisted – so I did.

When he arrived I was still relaxed, enjoying my lunch (might I add food was the last thing on my mind when in labor with the other 2 kids!) then suddenly I felt pressure and I got a little “ok quick lets get in the car” only because I didnt want my kids around when it STARTED mum was freaking out – she thought her grandchild would be born on her kitchen floor and demanded my husband to take me to the hospital. I laughed at her and said how dramatic they are all being! I eventually gave in and got in the car, but had to stop at home first to grab a few things 🙂

When I got to the hospital and had to get out of the car, thats when I really realised how close I was! It was too uncomfortable to move. I think I was feeling a little rushed and panicked (because it was the vibe from everyone around me! not me!) so I just started the breathing techniques again. Some ladies standing at the door, offered to get me a wheel chair etc and I said “no just give me a minute.” I closed my eyes breathed through it then I was fine to walk in!

We got inside I sat on the exercise ball (which I thought was stupid thing to offer me with my first child but with my 3rd I was in love with the ball!!) I just chatted to the midwife about my plan to have a water birth and that I was still at the point that I didn’t want to be denied drugs if I start to ask for them because in the past I got to the point of asking and they’d say I’m too late. My plan was to try and go natural but if I asked for them, I need them and didnt want to be denied them! (this is NOT recommended by hypnobirthing but it was a relaxing comfort for me to know I could have them if I give in!) My husband quite happily left me alone for a while to move the car and get my bags etc because he could see how calm and collected I was, he didnt think anything would happen too soon.

When he came back in, the pressure was getting more intense. The midwives where getting the bath ready and because it takes a while to fill, I said I was going to have a shower because the pressure would be nice on my back and my belly. I sat on the ball in the shower and had the hand held shower head to move around wherever the pressure was. It was heaven!! I had the urge to go to the toilet so I went to the toilet and just sat there for a bit but nothing happened. So I decided to get out and get some pajamas on because I was now feeling really cold. On the way to the bed from the shower/toilet (Barely 3 meters) I yelled ITS TIME! midwife said “IS IT?!” she said the baths not ready! I said “I think I want drugs now, yep I really want drugs!” (I knew from experience and from Stina that this meant minutes til my baby is here!) I sat on the bed, 2 deep breaths (I did cheat at this stage and took these deep breathing techniques into the gas mouth piece! but no pushing at all!) and I was a mum again! it’s a boy!

Best part was – because I didnt push or fight it – I just stopped- calmed myself – breathed – let the baby literally do all the work – I didnt have any stitches! yahoo!! Within the hour I could have happily got up and walked home!! after my first child I could barely sit up I was so exhausted and sore! It was so fast and so relaxed it was amazing! (from 1st contraction in the vegie shop until the minute of birth was 3hrs!)

I was up walking about practically immediately, went home less than 12 hours later, and took him for a walk to school the next day so my daughter could show her new brother for show and tell!! It was AMAZING better than I could have ever dreamed of! the only painful part was the afterbirth pains – feels like your having contractions agaun but nothing the breathing techniques cant get you through!

I loved hypnobirthing so much I recommended it to my pregnant sister inlaw and my friend, and a friend studying midwifery. Now my 3rd child is 9 months old and guess what? I’m going for number 4! haha I only wish someone got me hooked on hypnobirthing with my first child! but then I guess I wouldn’t have the experience to realise how awsome it really is compared to the alternative! The breathing techniques and having a clearer understanding on what is happening makes everything so much easier and nicer! Thank you Stina! x

Lianda, Grovedale


Leah and Heath

After finding out I was pregnant we were very excited, though a bit scared, as it seemed though that everyone I knew who went into labour, after hours and hours they would end up with a caesarean section. I really wanted to avoid that situation and after doing a bit of research I came across HypnoBirthing.

I rang Stina for some information and immediately I knew I wanted to go ahead with the classes.

The classes were very informative and positive and they were as much for my husband as they were for me, he is a very stressful person and I knew that if he knew that I was calm and relaxed that would enable him to be calm and relaxed as well.

Practising the breathing and the visualisation is the key.

I was 7 days overdue – I was determined that I was not going to be induced – I had a bloody show early on Monday morning, though it was bright red and not how I envisaged it to be? So I rang the hospital and they said to come in, the results were inconclusive. They sent me home.

During the day I had sporadic contractions (I made sure my bags were packed) the breathing technique was fantastic, the contractions were very bearable, then at 7.00ish pm my waters broke, we then rang the hospital and were on our way (after my car steering wheel wouldn’t unlock…. and we had to ring Heath’s brother to come and drive us in). The contractions were about 2 – 3 minutes apart at this stage, still breathing…

After getting admitted I was about 3 cm dilated and they were going to send me home but I wanted to stay, we never ended up having my music, as I wouldn’t let Heath leave to go to the car to get my stuff. The midwife had a copy of my birth plan.

I did the breathing and the visualisations and I believe that me being calm helped my labour progress as I wasn’t scared about what was happening to me, at midnight I felt the urge to push and my midwife said that I was fully dilated and ready to go, I hopped in the shower on my hands and knees with the water going onto my back which felt so nice, then after a while the midwife still couldn’t see the baby coming I got back on the bed and the midwife gave me the gas nozzle to bite on but didn’t turn the gas on as she knew that I didn’t want any medication intervention – after 2 hours and the baby still not out a doctor had to be called in.

My birth didn’t exactly go to plan, but my midwife was very supportive of HypnoBirthing and made sure that everything was explained to me and I was properly informed of all the procedures that now had to take place as the baby was stuck and facing sideways not down, I had to push to help the doctor try and turn the baby the right way, the baby eventually turned face up, I was cut – then the suction cap, then forceps were used to get the baby out before she became distressed.

We had a beautiful baby girl Heidi at 3.04am

My husband was so calm and encouraging, I felt that I was in control of the birth and I believe that the breathing and the visualisation of the rose opening got me through.

Thank you Stina, for giving us the knowledge for a calm and empowering birth. We recommend HypnoBirthing to everyone!!

Leah and Heath Bush, Bell Post Hill


Judith and Phil

Hi Stina. Of course I wanted to let you know how it all went.  In one word – “wonderful”. It was so wonderful to have the confidence to labour at home.

I had had niggles and tightening all through the Monday, but nothing too bad – I still had people over for dinner that night and felt quite on top of things.  I went to bed at 11, woke up at 1.15am and knew it was “on”.  Phil and I did breathing through the surges, but I was holding off using the deepening techniques till things got more intense. About 4.30 am I felt nauseous and had loose bowels (which, with hindsight I think was me going into transition, although I didn’t recognise it at the time), so we moved from bed to the couch so I could have the music and do some deepening.  At 6.30 I suggested he call the midwife, who said she would come round in an hour or so.  All my surges were short – about 15 seconds, so I had trouble believing much was happening, bit it obviously was.

Otis woke up so around 7 am I moved back to the bedroom because I was mooing like a cow and that kind of threw him a bit.  As soon as I got to bed the waters released and I wanted to breathe down.  So we rang the midwife back and said we were going in. Jed was born half an hour after we got to hospital – I was breathing him down along Ryrie St already. We got there at 7.55 and he was born at 8.25.  I’m attaching two photos.  One is literally seconds after the birth – I got from my knees into a chair and I still have the placenta inside me.  Can you see the triumph in my face – I think it’s my favourite photo of me ever, even though I look pretty ragged.

The other photo is Jed’s wide open eyes, so you can see what an alert baby he was!

Judith, Geelong West


Michelle and Chris

Hi Stina,

We had started our prenatal classes with the hospital when I suddenly realized there was no easy way to have our baby.  I think stupidly I had always thought a caesarean was an easier option once educated I was scared!  We needed assistance then a woman from work told me about her experience with HypnoBirthing.

We had 6 weeks until our baby was due when we started with Stina; we knew it was going to be intensive learning program although our doctor was confident I would go over the due.  Stina was great she educated us why HypnoBirthing worked and logically took us through what a woman’s body should do naturally.

We had only half the sessions with Stina when our son came 4 weeks early, funnily enough on our last prenatal class – the boy has timing, as we didn’t leave the hospital!  As this was my first child and me choosing to have a child later in life it was game on from 8.50pm when my water broke to 4.07am the next day when our beautiful son Jyles arrived.  I was able to deliver drug free in just less than 7.5 hours.  The breathing technique assisted greatly, the nurses were surprised that I was 3.5cm dilated around 11pm when the Doctor was called.  One nurse said that I couldn’t be in labour as I was quiet – she later came back calling me a quiet achiever!

My husband was fantastic he prompted and assisted me as Stina had taught him.  My only trouble was a delay within the second phase of birth – getting the baby out!  We hadn’t covered this within our studies although after discussing the outcome with Stina I am now confident that the whole labour could have been medically unassisted.

I would recommend HypnoBirthing to anyone and hopefully we get to finish our course if lucky enough to have a second child! Thanks again Stina

Michelle, Geelong West


Nicole and Tim

It was not exactly the birth I was planning my waters broke on the Sunday night and then nothing much happened on Monday.

I did everything I could think of on Monday – acupuncture, walking, took callophylin etc etc.

Anyway – Monday night things started and then I got this strange pain in my left ribs at the back, which seemed to send my system into disorder and I got quite nauseous.

As it so happened I had already had booked a Dr appointment on the Monday as I was 41.3 weeks – met a great Doctor – and we postponed the “induction” until he following morning 7am.

So as I was partly started we continued with the Oxytocin drip on Tuesday morning (i.e. I was “augmented” I think is the official term) and I was quite concerned about the pain and nausea.  They added some Maxolon to the drip which instantly stopped the nausea and away I went – so all up with the drip I was going about 9hrs – again longer than expected – I think ‘cos she had her hand up by her head this meant she got caught up on the “corner” (as I now know about this – no-one told me about the “corner”) and she stalled there for a bit – but she was born naturally – I had a bit of a tear (‘cos of the hand) and the placenta got caught up in the cervix so I had to go in to theatre to get that removed – it took them 2 seconds – it was right there at the entrance but I couldn’t get it out!!  Sorry for the gruesome details but I thought you would be interested.

The amazing thing was that throughout all this process Isla stayed incredibly calm – they monitored her heart rate throughout as they have to with the drip (they also only had the Oxytocin on a low dose) but I think the breathing and relaxation techniques help keep her calm and relaxed.  Tim was amazing and really helped me throughout the birth – reminding me of the breathing – so interesting to note that between surges whenever Tim said to breath in for 4 and out for 8 I instantly got another surge – I knew when I relaxed that the surges would come on again – so that was so interesting to notice.

She is great – we are still getting to know each other – she has pretty much been a very relaxed baby although there are times when she has been upset – all for good reasons i.e. milk coming in, tummy upsets but she and I are starting to get it all together.

Nicole, Waurn Ponds

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