Using good breathing techniques are very important during birth, however it is something I am trying to be aware of in my daily life. Did you know Tibetan monks believe we are only born with a certain amounts of breaths in our body? (more…)

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Are you getting enough sleep?

Sleep always seem to be the biggest issue for new parents. And realistically you are not going to get 8 hours sleep night after night for a long time (if you are so lucky, please don’t tell an exhausted mother!). However it is important to remember that only 70% of babies sleep through by their […]

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This is why I do this job!

Dearest Stina, what an incredible experience! The natural birth of our little boy Reuben (1 Month old today!) using all the techniques we learnt through your Hypnobirthing classes. And exactly like you said.. because of the calm birth experience he is such an alert and happy little guy. Looking forward to introducing him to you. […]

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Birth options in Geelong

Do you know which options are available to you in Geelong for where you choose to give birth? There are two hospitals Geelong Hospital (public) and St John of God (private). You can also birth at home with a homebirth midwife. If either of these options don’t feel right for you (more…)

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