Tara and Steve

Thank you Stina for all your help. The birth of Patrick was all we could have hoped for. It was a truly amazing experience and I am so proud of myself and Steve. Sorry for not getting our birth story to your earlier, but life have been very hectic with our new little man in the house. I went into labour at around midnight 2 days before my due date. I had a few niggles but nothing too bad. Steve was a big help. He was lighting candles and putting the music on and was there when I needed some help to relax when things got more intense. All that practise paid off because he was able to bring me into deep relaxation when I needed to.

I was doing really well at home, but around 7am I felt it was time to go into hospital. I think Steve was a bit relieved I finally agreed to go. The midwife was wonderful and she had seen a few HypnoBirths before, so we did not need to explain to much to her. A few hours later while I was in the shower I suddenly felt a change and I started to bear down. It did not take very long and suddenly our beautiful son was born. It was a truly amazing experience.

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